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An alphabetical list of all the projects and writings I’ve put on the site. To leave comments, click through to the individual posts.

8-Bit Breadboard Computer

I built an 8-bit computer on breadboards, from basic circuit components and bare wire. In just 16 bytes of memory it can do cool stuff like discovering prime numbers, though I’d be lying if I said my primary motivation wasn’t the flashing lights.

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Adventures in Matplotlib

I have a soft spot for good data visualization and have been contributing to python’s matplotlib, especially its 3D plots. Check out my matplotlib contributions on GitHub here.

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The Antikythera Mechanism (v1)

These are my posts sharing the story and CAD files for my (first) recreation of the Antikythera Mechanism. My second version is in-work, now that I have my Lasersaur to help with prototyping.

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The Work of Ghouls!

A true ghost story of corruption, desecration, and an investigative journalist trying to set things right. Featuring original transcriptions of 100+ year-old microfilm!

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