I have a soft spot for good data visualization and have been contributing to python’s matplotlib, especially its 3D plots. Check out my matplotlib contributions on GitHub here.

Introducing the ‘mpl_stereo’ Library to Make Stereograms and Anaglyphs

When I was a kid growing up in the 90’s, I was fascinated with the “Magic Eye” books. These were picture books filled with images like the one below, which when you did a special technique of “unfocusing” your eyes and staring through the page, transformed into 3D images popping off the page. Learning the […]

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Flying around 3d plots with an IMU and quaternions

Cool Video First! Project Idea I generate a good number of 3D plots for work and other projects, and for a while I’ve wanted to make a physical device that acts as a “virtual camera” that would let me fly around the 3D data virtually. In a fully featured end state, this would basically be […]

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