This is a collection of my posts about the wooden topo map project. Also check out the coverage of this project in Make: and HackADay!

A Wooden Laser-Cut Topo Map of Portland, ME

A couple months ago, I was on the internet and ran across Below The Boat, a website that sells wooden topographical maps of interesting lakefloors and seafloors around the world. Now, something you should know about me is that my family loves maps. My parents have nautical charts up on the walls in several rooms […]

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Making a Laser-Cut Topo Map: The Design Phase

Today I’ll be walking you through the process how to of make a wooden laser-cut topo map. I made one of my hometown of Portland, ME as a 2015 Christmas present for my family, and wanted to share how I did it since it took quite a bit of figuring out. If you’re not sure what […]

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Making a Laser-Cut Topo Map: The Build Phase

So you’ve followed the steps to design your topo map by reading through the post detailing the design phase. Time to cut it out and build it! The build process: Gather supplies. Get your wood cut. Apply blue stain for the water layers. Glue everything together. Apply wood sealer. Frame it up. Pretty easy – […]

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