A series of short vignettes in the style of chapters from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

Invisible Cities – Cities and Motion 1

Cities & Motion 1 As the traveler approaches Camerone, he sees on the landscape the city twist upon itself. Much as his water boiled as he broke camp, Camerone bursts forth in heaves: rolling over and swaying the very hills that support it; grass sparkles as the sun hits its seething mounds. Drawing closer, he […]

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Invisible Cities – Cities and Motion 2

Cities & Motion 2 Look at the city of Tailan and you may see a train, but do not be fooled by its thin foundation. Look again and see the public square covered in people: festival tents shading an art exposition, a centuries-old maple trunk that forks and rejoins, voices singing from a far-off temple […]

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Invisible Cities – Cities and Motion 3

Cities & Motion 3 I have spent many months tracking Briscilla, Great Khan, yet have never once succeeded in catching a glimpse of the elusive city. You may already know of the method by which you follow Briscilla: it leaves in its wake the trash and refuse of its residents. Here – you see the […]

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