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05-21-2016        The Guts of the FIRE Spreadsheet
05-21-2016        A FIRE Number Targeter Using Monte Carlo Simulations
12-19-2015        A Wooden Laser-Cut Topo Map of Portland, ME
12-19-2015        Making a Laser-Cut Topo Map: The Design Phase
12-19-2015        Making a Laser-Cut Topo Map: The Build Phase
01-05-2014        CAD files for the Antikythera Mechanism
01-05-2014        Presenting: The Antikythera Mechanism
08-11-2013        Invisible Cities - Cities and Motion 3
07-25-2013        Invisible Cities - Cities and Motion 2
07-10-2013        Invisible Cities - Cities and Motion 1
07-09-2013        A Fascinating Look at Corrupt 7-year-olds and their Plots to Gain Power
07-02-2013        Setting My Sights
06-17-2013        Would You Want to Know How You Will Die?
06-04-2013        Predicting the Future: Cool Tech and College Debt
05-29-2013        Eating On 40 Dollars a Week
05-28-2013        Beginning

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